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We want to make sure you have an awesome experience on the Belle City Amusements midway. Let’s be sure you have all the information you need before you even leave your home.

We’ve been providing fun for many years and we have gathered all the information you will need prior to visiting our midway. Review and familiarize yourself with the Size Up ride height requirements and other midway riding policies. Remember, there is nothing more important than safety. Visit our Guest Services section and read our FAQ’s for more information.

We want to be sure that you have the best time on our midway. Here you will find our midway policies and procedures. Remember, every ride has a height requirement and special riding instructions. We recommend you read all of our policies and procedures prior to visiting our midway.


Safe & Fun Rules to Always Remember

In order get the most out of your Midway Experience there are important rules to ALWAYS follow to keep your experience SAFE and FUN!


Observe the ride in motion and all SIZE UP signs for height and riding restrictions to determine whether or not the ride is appropriate for you or a child in your care.

Read and Follow all the rules for each ride and instruct any children in your care on how to behave appropriately. Follow all instructions from the ride operator at all times.

Be sure to remove any loose articles such as sunglasses, hats, phones, and jewelry that have the potential to fall off during the ride.


Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited on all amusement rides.

Remain seated and restrained and be sure to keep your arms, legs and head inside the ride at all times.

Use all safety equipment which the ride offers and remember to always listen to the ride operators’ instruction.


When the ride is over, remain seated until you come to a complete stop and the ride operator instructs you to exit.

If you feel tired, stop riding or take a break. The rides are not as much fun if you are exhausted.

If you have any questions while visiting our midway about any of our attractions, please visit our onsite Belle City Amusements Guest Services or Midway Office.

Belle City Amusements is a family amusement park. We expect all of our guests to behave appropriately.

Violating our midway policies may be cause for ejection from the midway without refund. For more information, please review the Midway policies below.


We expect all Guests to behave in a family-friendly manner. Line jumping, profanity and unruly behavior are offensive to other midway guests and may be cause for ejection without refund. Guests are not permitted to save places in line, bypass others in line or exit the line and return to the same place for any reason. Guests exiting a line must go to the back of the line if they choose to return.


There is an inherent risk in participating in any amusement ride. We expect riders to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner. Guests must also obey all oral and written warnings and properly use all ride safety equipment provided. Guests who do not comply with ride rules may be ejected from the midway without refund. Please refer to specific Size Up for Safe Fun guidelines posted at the entrance of every ride.


Safety is our number one priority. Guests with certain body proportions or of certain heights and/or weights may not be able to enjoy certain rides if the safety restraints will not operate as designed. Specific ride information is available at the ride and at Guest Services. For your convenience, height check is available at Guest Services where you can also pick up a list of rides that are suitable for your child.


Line jumping is strictly prohibited. Guests are not permitted to save places in line or exit the line and return for any reason. Violators will be ejected from the Midway without a refund.